Timeless Treasures Batik Fabric That Match For Every Moment

Timeless treasures batik fabric is one type of batik that can be said to be legendary. in addition to its preferred design, the fabric has its own meaning in its style. not only the hue, the color selection of the hues used also has its own meaning. Batik cloth is one type of traditional cloth that much favored by its users. one of the countries with famous batik craftsmen from all over the world is Indonesia. Batik cloth from the country many are included in the timeless treasures batik fabric. The unique design with the diversity of meaning in it becomes one of the typical batiks of the country.

Timeless Treasures Batik Fabric That Match For Every Moment

Timeless Treasure Batik Fabric Developed with modern motifs

As the development of the era, batik making continues to increase by utilizing technology. Timeless treasure batik fabric can be made with various models and with a fast time. If the first process of making batik takes a very long time to reach for months, but now by utilizing the technology of making batik can be done quickly. in addition to the rapid manufacturing process, the motif can also be made more diverse.

Timeless treasure batik fabric in antiquity may be only some people who can make it. Currently, with the technology can be made hundreds or even thousands of batik with the same model and design. Batik is not a difficult thing anymore. By utilizing technology, the preservation of batik designs derived by the ancestors can be maintained. Utilization technology plays an important role to make timeless treasure batik fabric can continue to be seen and used by all people in the future.

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How To Create The Design of Timeless Treasure Batik Fabric with Technology

  • Made by way of stamp
  • Made with a printing press

Timeless treasure batik fabric can be used today because of the role of technology. The use of technology can still maintain the quality and motif of batik. Various other nice and beautiful motives can be created to meet the needs of the community.