Balinese Batik Fabric and Its Uniqueness

Balinese Batik Fabric and Its UniquenessFor what it’s worth, other batik variants in Indonesia are no more exotic than Balinese batik fabric. Javanese batik might be regal and elegant. Sumatran variant might be prized for its rarity. Sundanese batik might offer different take on the art. But Balinese batik fabric is one of a kind. Moreover, Javanese batik kind of outshines both Sumatran and Sundanese batik, with some sub-variants of either being sort of a lost form of art. Balinese batik fabric, on the other kind, is of fairly recent invention. Being first established in the ‘70s, the art technique expands rapidly until this very day. The Balinese culture, which is already rich in the first place, is absorbed into the island’s version of batik fabrics, captivating tourists with their different presentation and appearance. To be fair, Balinese batik is not all different in essence. The techniques involved in making Balinese batik fabrics share the same common traits with others. Handwriting Batik is perhaps the most prized type because the patterns are drawn by hands and takes months to complete. Painting Batik requires the maker to paint on the fabrics directly. Tjap Batik , on the other hand, requires a special hand-operated stamp to leave patterns on the fabric.

In summation, Balinese batik fabric is no more different from any other kind of batik in Indonesia. It is, however, worth mentioning that Bali batik fabric is indeed different in its choice of artistic patterns and motif. While Javanese batik employs some sort of categorization of patterns to determine the type of batik fabrics produced, Balinese batik is free of such distinction. The only point that determines a fabric’s worthiness is its aesthetically values. The makers are not confined to any sort of regulation when it comes to implementing patterns and motifs. They are free to incorporate any elements they have in mind.

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Another thing that makes Balinese batik fabric different from others is its color: they tend to toy around with bright colors. Sundanese batik fabrics are also known for its bright colors but the most prevalent would be indigo. With Balinese batik, it is almost as if this is the element that denotes its distinction. Balinese batik fabrics are always bright-colored, giving it contrast and dynamics that other variants perhaps lack. But it is rather pointless to talk about which of Indonesian batik variants is the best. They all are the best and even the world admits this.